Discover Leading the Way in Liquid Restaking on Ethereum Exploring a Prominent Liquid Restaking Protocol in Today's Crypto Market. Let's Dive into What Sets This Project Apart with Proreviewer!

What is is a decentralized Liquid Restaking protocol built on the Ethereum network. This protocol serves to provide liquidity for users' restaked LST tokens.

Key Highlights about

Upon delving into, we uncover a platform that stands out for Ethereum enthusiasts in the crypto realm. Here's the crux of what sets it apart:

Diverse Staking Choices: Provides a range of staking options (eETH, stETH, RS-stETH, etc.) catering to a wide audience.

Groundbreaking eETH and Integration: Introduces eETH for simplified staking and integrates with EigenLayer to maximize returns.

Global Validator Nodes: Encourages decentralization with global validator node deployment, bolstering Ethereum's security.

Accessible Entry Points: Offers entry levels starting from as low as .001 ETH for eETH minting up to a full 32 ETH for comprehensive validator participation, ensuring accessibility for both newcomers and experts.

Impressive Performance Metrics: Touts a 4.02% APR, $2.02B in total value locked, and 541K ETH staked, reflecting significant market trust and adoption.

Community-driven Rewards: Implements a unique loyalty points system and community allocation base, fostering user engagement and decentralized governance.

Stringent Security Measures: Emphasizes user-controlled staking and collaborates with leading security firms for audits, while planning a bug bounty program to further enhance safety.

User-centric Interface and Support: Delivers an intuitive interface and partners with prominent node operators to ensure a secure and seamless user experience.

Pros of

  • Enables multi-token staking with a variety of Ethereum-based tokens, appealing to both Ethereum holders and DeFi enthusiasts.
  • Integrates with EigenLayer to maximize returns via innovative eETH, streamlining automatic restaking.
  • Demonstrates commitment to decentralization by globally deploying validator nodes, strengthening Ethereum's security.
  • Enhances utility by integrating with DeFi protocols, increasing the value of eETH and encouraging broader DeFi adoption.

Cons of

  • Complexity levels differ based on engagement type, ranging from simple to advanced, potentially discouraging less experienced users.

How to Get Started with opens the door to Ethereum staking for everyone, from crypto novices to seasoned veterans. Let's explore your options and get you started!

OptionsPermission TypeComplexityKey ManagementStaking min.
Mint eETHPermissionlessEasyRelies on security of other stakers.001
Operation Solo StakerPermissioned (Until Q1 2024)Intermediate to advancedDVT for key management0
Bond 2 ETH for BNFTPermissionlessComplexOwn your keys2 ETH
Stake full 32 ETHPermissionlessComplexOwn your keys32 ETH
Get Started with

Here's a simplified guide to get started with, breaking down the process into easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Mint eETH: If you're seeking the simplest option, head to the app, go to the eETH section, and connect your wallet. You can stake as little as .001 ETH to receive eETH, benefiting from the combined security of other stakers.
  2. Solo Staker Operation: For those with an intermediate to advanced understanding of Ethereum who prefer a hands-on approach, becoming a Solo Staker might be suitable. Apply on and await approval. This option is permissioned until Q1 2024 but doesn't require a minimum stake.
  3. Bond 2 ETH for BNFT: For a more involved role, bonding 2 ETH for BNFT allows permissionless engagement with your own keys. This method suits users comfortable with managing their security and willing to invest more into the system.
  4. Stake Full 32 ETH: The most complex and capital-intensive option involves staking a full 32 ETH, granting you the complete validator experience on Ethereum. This is permissionless and allows you to own your keys, signifying a significant commitment to the network.

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