Should You Sell or HODL $ETHFI on Binance Launchpool?

Should You Sell or HODL $ETHFI on Binance Launchpool?

The recent conclusion of the old $AEVO Launchpool has paved the way for a new Launchpool unveiling. Now, let's explore Ether.Fi, the latest project to debut its token on Binance Launchpool, and assess its potential as a long-term investment.

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Sell Or HODL?

The primary consideration, as always, is whether a project merits a long-term investment. Firstly, participating in farming new tokens on Binance Launchpool is generally advantageous, whether one opts to sell them immediately after spot trading begins or holds onto them for an extended period.

While Ethereum staking was a widely discussed topic a year ago, its popularity has waned since then. Ether.Fi entered the market amidst the peak of Ethereum staking fervor, and its recent listing on Binance is likely the project's most significant milestone.

Similar to numerous other airdropped tokens, it's probable that Ether.Fi will experience its strongest performance in the initial two weeks post-launch. Personally, I plan to sell my $ETHFI tokens once spot trading commences on Binance.

Final Conclusion

Now that you're aware of my strategy with $ETHFI tokens, what are your thoughts on the new tokens available for farming on Binance Launchpool? Are you considering farming $ETHFI, and do you perceive it as a long-term investment, or do you plan to sell them immediately?

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While my post aims to offer valuable insights, remember that it shouldn't replace your #DYOR (Do Your Own Research). Additionally, while my profile picture may suggest expertise, please note that I am not a licensed financial advisor.

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