Predicting the price of NOT token

Predicting the price of NOT token

Notcoin is the latest project on Binance Launchpool, and the community is expecting the token price to reach $0.1 upon listing.

On May 9th, Binance announced that Notcoin (NOT token) – a community-driven token bringing users into the Web3 world – is the 54th project on Binance Launchpool. The staking period for BNB and FDUSD lasts for three days, from 00:00 (UTC) on May 13th to 23:59 (UTC) on May 15th.

The exchange officially listed the NOT token at 12:00 (UTC) on May 16th. The total token supply is 102,719,221,714 NOT. The launchpool reward accounts for 3%, with 3,081,576,651 NOT.

The Notcoin community eagerly anticipates this news and engages in lively discussions about the potential price of NOT. Currently, the NOT token is trading at a minimum price of 2.21 TON for 10,000 NOT, equivalent to 0.0047 USD on the Getgems platform.

Trading volume is rapidly increasing compared to the price on May 9th, which was around 0.00115 USD. An account named Web3_Vibes on Telegram, reportedly linked to developers, suggested a token price of 0.00522 USD.

Some traders speculate that after the TGE period, the price of NOT could increase several times, reaching at least 0.01 USD – 0.02 USD when the market stabilizes.

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As of early May, the project has a market capitalization of 536 million USD. Immediately after positive listing news was announced, the Notcoin community began raising price predictions to around 0.01 USD – 0.05 USD.

An investor named Cyber.Eth believes that with a market capitalization ranging from 3 million USD to 5 million USD, the price of the NOT token could be listed around 0.04 USD – 0.06 USD. Conversely, Sheikh Albasoliyy predicts a much higher price for NOT, at 0.175 USD, due to its close correlation with the TON blockchain.

In a survey by YesCoin Tracker, the majority of users chose a price of 0.1 USD for the NOT token.

In addition, OKX has announced that Notcoin will appear on OKX Jumpstart. The mining process starts from 6:00 (UTC) on May 13th to 6:00 (UTC) on May 16th. TON holders can stake tokens to receive NOT. Furthermore, the Bybit exchange announced that it will list the NOT token at 12:00 (UTC) on May 16th.

Notcoin is a Web3 game with a tap-to-earn mechanism built on the TON blockchain. Notcoin aims to build and promote a strong Web3 gaming community. Currently, the project focuses on building an ecosystem around the NOT token, including a gaming platform and tools to explore Web3 projects.

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